February 15, 2023

Let’s Go Inside for Your Second Sneak Peek

It has been an extremely cold winter so the foundations for building 3 and 4 are on hold to avoid issues down the line (no one likes cracks in concrete!) – however a lot of work has been going on in Building “1” aka Reception, Coworking area and Coworking office pods.

Whilst still not quite ready for tours (even in person sneak peaks we are afraid), electricians were on site wiring up the fire alarms, networking cables, sockets and emergency lighting.

To start – a new office sign has been hung up outside welcoming people to the Trading Post in Tenterden (just off the A28). Here people will find staff to show them to the Coworking space, Meeting and Conference Rooms, Event Space and also give directions to the Eatery and Offices.

New office sign

Welcoming you at reception will also be Larry the parrot… He does not say much but will always be keeping an eye out for us.

Larry the Parrot

Some of the larger Coworking desks are also in – so we just had to take that very cliche photo of a MacBook on the desk of course. Made from solid wood, and metal framing to hold them up, these are not being moved with ease! And don’t worry – the final chairs will be put in just before we open to keep them nice and clean.

The large desks and standing desks are in the space.

The call booths are almost ready as well. We have two of them which make great spaces for more private calls when not needing a whole meeting room. No need to book – just pop in and shut the door.

Phone call booths/pods anyone?

And finally – for now anyway – one of the breakout areas! We didn’t think ahead and had the sofa’s delivered early (we get excited), so apologies for the dust (Larry will be allowed out with a duster soon to clean up)! But we do love this area and have been making great use of it so far with site meetings! Great for working, breaks and meetings.

One of the Coworking break out areas

If you want to find out more – check out our socials for more pictures and information, and if you fancy – we also have a newsletter which we promise to not spam you with hourly emails – just news of when we are open for tours and release official opening dates and pricing for all the things we look forward to bringing to Tenterden and surrounding areas!